Important Notes


To the attention of the teams and the athletes

•In the registration area, registerations can be done only by the athletes themselves or by the team representatives.
•It is obligatory to attend technical meeting. 
•The athletes, trainers and managers or other staff of the teams who haven't completed the registeration or accreditation will not be allowed to be in the course during the official training or the race. Please, pay regard to the directives of the officials or referees.
•The athletes who are present in the course without a number plate or in the time that is not allocated to their category will be disqualified.
•The team managers without accreditation cards will not be able to get in the course and it is mandatory to complete accreditation during the registrations.
•During the race, it is strictly forbidden to be present in the Feed Zone for the managers and athletes without Feed Zone cards. 
•It is forbidden to use team tents or umbrellas and etc. in the feed zone.
•The teams which are to set team tents have to let the officals know about their intents by sending an e-mail to by the date of September 07, 2018.