How to register

How to register

  • Having a national license for national races and a UCI license for the international races is necessary.
  • Individual athletes can register individually, but we appreciate if the teams register collectively.
  • In case the teams registered beforehand has an athlete to be added to the list or to be removed from the list, without renewing the list completely, teams should inform us by sending an e-mail to the about the change in the list.
  • There are 2 sub-forms in the registration form and these are "General Information" and "Team Details". 

General Information

  • In the general information part, there are fields for team name, country of the team, e-mail address and telephone number. 
  • Please choose the country of your team while choosing the country. 
  • In general informatin part, please be careful while choosing the team type. If your team hasn't been registered as one of these teams, please do not choose one of these options.
  • While filling out the telephone field, choose your country and type your number without country code.
  • After finishing the general information part, click on the "next" button to fill out teamdetails.
  • If you wish to return to general information part after you click on the next button, you can click on the "1" button right above the fields.

Team Details

  • In team details part, there are fields for name, country, category, duty, date of birth, gender and UCI code.
  • In this part, the country of the team members should be choosen. 
  • If you wish to register another participant, you can add another row by clicking on the "+" button. 
  • After finishing filling out the necessary fields, you can finish registeration by cliking on the "save" button.
  • Please fill out the form without skipping any fields.